2011 Orsenigo

Series of small tables with an essential and stylish design. In the detail there are glass shelves supported by four bearings in stainless steel with a square base. The supports can be polished or nickel plated, the plan in extra-clear glass or painted. The effect of the composition is rigorous and highly architectural.

2010 Flai

Coffee table with structure in steel plate laser cut, satin nickel finish with neutral glass extra white. The uniqueness of this project lies in the design of laser cutting staff that makes up the steel structure. The final effect is that of a membrane that, depending on the radius of incidence of light, casts its shadow on the floor.

2011 Khaos/prototype

Polished Stainless Steel Coffee Table with top in extra-clear glass or, alternatively, in walnut. The glass may be circular or may follow the contour of the metal structure. The design exploits the characteristics of geometric figures convex / concave where the single table becomes a base module which may be aggregated with other modules. The effect is that of a piece of a puzzle that is being composed with other pieces, each with its own finish.

2011 Orsenigo/prototype

Steel table top in painted sheet metal glossy or matte. The steel structure is bent seamless giving the effect of a tape; such bending straightening up creates a lower top and two inclined tops at the ends which act as racks.

2010 Flai

Coffee table with structure in solid walnut or ash open pore lacquered, extra clear glass top and shelf smoked glass. The triangular shape of the tables allows the matching and pairing: in this way it’s possible to recompose the geometric figures depending on the user's needs.

2007 Gallotti&Radice

Coffee table with polished stainless steel or embossed white or black lacquered metal. Top in transparent glass. Lower top backpainted glass in bright or mat version. 8 mm tempered glass. The project is a reflection on the boolean subtraction and solids generated by these subtractions.

2010 Flai

Library with an external structure covered with fabric coated embossed with water colors and protected by acrylic resins polymerized, biologically inert. The inner lining and shelf supports are walnut or wenge stained ash, the shelves are in lacquered MDF.

2010 Pianca

Shelves system of printed plastic. The basic module consists of an L-shaped shelf with rounded corner, this can be configured, in addition to other modules, in order to create different spatial solutions. The design inspiration is the extreme flexibility and great customization left to the final user.

2011 Khaos/prototype

Coffee table in folded steel with extra-clear glass top and shelf backpainted or, alternatively, extra clear. The structure is a steel plate welded and bent, Design is consequently classic and elegant.

2006 Flai

Table in bent sheet metal with top in glass paste screen-printed 18 mm thick. The design of this table is very minimal and reduced to its basic constitutive elements. The glass paste top is screen-printed with classical taste motifs, the effect you get is a strong contrast between the top, looking rich, and the essential structure.

2007 Exdè by Cattaneo/prototype

Aluminium chair, folded and welded. The project takes its inspiration from the theme of folding surfaces and from the world of origami. Starting from the concept of comfortable seating we have developed forms as it were bending sheets of paper, the final effect is that of an object with highly modern design, aggressive but not giving up on qualities of convenience and comfort.

2011 Emmebonacina/prototype

Fabric sofa with highly recognizable design. The uniqueness of the project lies in the two arms that widen at the base embracing the seat. The picture that arises is about a cozy and pleasant sofa.

2011 BBB Emmebonacina/prototype

Leather sofa whose main peculiarity in the asymmetry of the design; one of the two arms stretches and relaxes allowing those who sit on the couch to be able to assume a lying position. The sofa becomes a chaise-lounge, and vice versa. Designed for those who end their day on the couch and, not infrequently, fall asleep.

2013 Self-production/prototype

Coffee Table that, in the thickness of his top, contains two other elements that, combined with the appropriate supports of different sizes, may become alternately tray, fruit bowls, flower pot, coffee table, stool, sidetable. Supports are made of ash while the tops may be natural plywood or matt lacquered in different types of wood (walnut, cherry, oak, etc.). The various options for finishing tops increase the ability to customize both the single element and its parts that can adapt and interact with any environment. The added value of the project is undoubtedly the possibility to compose and decompose the elements depending on the time and the user's taste. Gildo is packed in a box measuring 100X100X10cm. and is completely removable, therefore is of easy shipment.

2012 Self-production

Mies vase is a composition of three elements , two made of sheet steel and one made of glass, that combined together give life to three different configurations. The external component is made of a steel sheet, laser cut, bent and welded; The cut design is highly architectural and constitutes a sort of outer skin of the project. Finishes can be varnished, bright or opaque, or mirror inox. The internal component is also made of a bent and welded sheet steel; in this case the body is not laser cut and has a faceted and monolithic appearance. The third element is a glass cylinder which can be transparent or backpainted. The metal component's varnishing takes the cue from the finishing touches of cars bodies using mica metallic paint and rust protection.

2015 Formabilio

Antia is the chair that turns in elegance even plain steel bar, which also happen to be its main material. Thanks to the graphic and light lines of the Design, it has a delicate and neat appearance. A comfortable and harmonious seat that, thanks to the different finishes, fits well in different environments. To complete the chair, you can choose to add the cushions, available in felt.